8/31/2014 9:08:00 PM - Cougars Fall to Silliman
  by MageeNews.com/Christian Carrico
Cougars Fall to Silliman

The Silliman Institute Wildcats from Clinton, Louisiana traveled to the campus of Simpson County Academy for the second ballgame of the young season.  The Wildcats returned to Louisiana with a victory in hand, while the Cougars were left scratching their head wondering what had happened.
On the opening series of the ball game, the Wildcats were facing third down and five yards to go when Quarterback Z. Kelly connected with T. Shelton for a sixty yard touchdown reception.  Fortunately, for the Cougars, the touchdown was overturned due to a Silliman penalty.  Before the next snap, Silliman was penalized a second time.  Silliman did not flinch, this time connecting on a 70 yard touchdown reception.

The two teams then traded drives that went nowhere during much of the first quarter.  Finally, the Cougars were able to sustain a drive into Wildcat territory.  The Cougars had marched to the Silliman 27 yard line, but needed another 7 yards for a first down.  Unfortunately, Landon Herrington was only able to travel 6 yards and the Cougars turned the ball over on downs.

The Wildcats of Silliman needed only four more plays before they found the end zone for the second time in the ballgame.  This time Kelly connected with K. Brown for a 66 yard touchdown.  Both extra point attempts were unsuccessful and the Wildcats found themselves with a 12 point lead.

The second quarter came and went without either team managing to score any points.  The Wildcats carried into halftime a lead of 12 points and growing confidence. 

What was interesting at halftime was that Silliman had a total of 149 yards of total offense in the first half.  Their quarterback had completed only 3 passes out of 8 attempts.  Unfortunately, two of those completions netted 136 yards and all 12 points.  With the exception of two missed tackles, the Cougars were very much in the ballgame.

The Cougars were able to drive the ball during the second quarter, but two interceptions by Simpson stalled drives.  The Wildcats were unable to sustain any type of the drive themselves.  The Cougar staff could be heard imploring their team to not give up and keep fighting. 

The Wildcats used the Cougars second interception to begin a drive that ultimately resulted in another Silliman score.  The Wildcats scored once more, with 1:27 remaining in the game.  When the final horn had blown, the Cougars had suffered a 27-0 loss on their home field.  In two games thus far this year, the Cougars have turned the ball over 7 times. 

The Cougars managed to gain 217 yards of total offense.  Landon Herrington gained 78 yards on 13 carries while Maverick Harrison added 63 yards and Kyle Burney rushed for 25.  Dylan Sanford completed 5 of his 11 passes for 38 yards and rushed for another 8.  Colt Barron gained 17 yards on 2 receptions while Ben Maddox had 16 yards on his 2 receptions.  Landon Herrington added 4.5 tackles, Josh Polk had 3 tackles and Maverick Harrison and Colt Barron were each credited with 2.5 tackles.
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