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When I was a young girl, the highlight of shopping trips to Jackson was always a visit to The Emporium on Capital Street. Everything about it fascinated me, from the exotic-sounding name to the heavy glass doors, crystal chandeliers and beautiful window displays. Just walking into the building was an adventure.

Located next door to the Governor's Mansion and surrounded by tall buildings, The Emporium was bright lights and big city for this small-town girl. It was the only store I'd ever been to that wasn't named after someone I knew and was a place to buy things we didn't have in Magee.

So, when Charlie and I were discussing the addition of an online shopping cart to, I just knew we had to call our store The Emporium.

While some of the items in it will be, we'll also feature unique objects from around the state, the country and maybe the world!

Oh, and I realize that Mooie Looie t-shirts might seem out of place in an Emporium, but I can promise you that you won't find them anywhere else!

Sue, The Prez

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