Thursday is  National Pigs In a Blanket Day!!!Relay for Life Friday at Sportsplex....Part-Time Shelver at Magee Public Library needed (check job market for details)...Today's Tip: Turn off the tap
Get creative with a name for Magee's newest restaurant, and you could be the winner of one free meal per month for a year!  Click here for details and to leave your comment!! (Here's a's on a" hill")

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Just a little bit of info  -   4/23/2014 5:01:00 PM
Wreck near Eastside Grocery involving 2 vehicles (one is a van)  3 civilians injured...transported to Magee General Hospital ER by Magee Police Department because there was NO ambulance in Simpson County...the closest unit was in Richland!Just saying....supervisors need to address this problem!...

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Magee Trojans Baseball

Magee Baseball Play-Off Game

National Pigs in A Blanket Day

4/24/2014 - Today's Tip: Turn off the tap
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4/24/2014 - Boswell Regional Center Employees of the Month
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4/23/2014 - Relay for Life Honoree Robin Breeland
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 Why do you feel citizens did not attend the Simpson Co School Board meeting on 4/10

Not enough notification of the meeting to the parents from the school
Not clearly understanding what the meeting was about
I don't care what happens at the schools
I feel the board does not listen

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